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The Joy it Brings

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ART QUILT TITLED: The Joy it Brings


SIZE: 32” x 41 ½”

Artist’s Statement

Inspired by Marie Webster’s White Dogwood and Pink Dogwood quilts and the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Some of the same Arts and Crafts ideals of early 1900 still apply in today’s world, and especially to art quilters:

-- enjoy the act of working and crafting with one’s own hands

-- revive traditional craft techniques

-- create well-designed objects with refined aesthetics and simplicity of form (beauty)

-- value the skill of high-quality craftsmanship

-- choose handcrafted objects for value

-- live in harmony with nature

The Arts and Crafts movement placed value on the quality of materials and design, as well as life, and shaped the world we live in today. Its philosophies I follow every day and incorporate in my work. I too place great value on work, the craftsmanship, and the natural beauty of materials and nature. And it brings me great satisfaction and joy.


Double outline sewing with heavy thread, hand appliqué, and machine quilting.


Hand-dyed cotton, surface-designed background fabric enhanced with fabric paint and silkscreened designs, heavy wool thread, cotton batting, and silk thread quilting.